Sunday, April 4, 2010


No posts in quite a while, and not enough time for a long one now. Travel in Australia has been strange. I've seen tons of cool things, scuba'd at the reef, etc, but I've often felt like somehow the country hates me. For instance, three of the four flights I've taken have seen something explode in my bag. Once it was bugspray that melted all my plastic, including my phone. The time nothing exploded my bag came back wet with some kind of oil that smelled like popcorn.

At the moment I am at a hotel in Cairns, Australia, paying five dollars an hour for internet. I was supposed to be in Osaka, Japan, tonight, but after getting to the airport at 4:00 am and taking a connecting flight, and after a thirty minute delay turned into a six hour delay, turned into a 13 hour delay, the airline booked us hotels. Supposedly we leave at 1 am this morning, but why would they book us hotel rooms only for five hours? Hmm... We shall see.

It's not anything more than an inconvenience, but I must marvel at Australia's relentless ability to toy with me. Lots more good stories to come if it ever lets me leave. And Japan. Oh Japan, with its ubiquitous wifi and lovely technogadgets. It will be lovely.

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